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Repairs & Guitar Services

Neck Jig Guitar Hospital, West Palm Beach, Florida


Tuesday - Friday: 11:00 - 5:00p.m.

Saturday: 11am-5:00pm

Sunday & Monday: CLOSED


  • Factory setups for Electric, Acoustic & Classical guitars.
  • Floyd Rose service
  • Fret/neck check; Neck adjustments.
  • Strobe Intonation; Electronic cleaning.
  • Hardware check;  Spring adjustment.
  • Fingerboard conditioning.
  • Fret polishing; Action setting.

Other Guitar Services Available:

  • Warranty available for: Gibson, Epiphone, Taylor, Ovation, and Dean.
  • Fret Crowning.
  • Fret dressing.
  • Re-Fret.
  • Pickup install.
  • Re-wiring & electrical guitar repairs.


Intonation in musical strings is the attribute that causes one string gauge (core wire) combination to change pitch at a different rate from another gauge when fretted at the same lenght.

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