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These days many of the national music stores are focusing more on sales and omitting services. That means its the sale that counts and your on your own for after sale services, adjustments, or warranty.
Of course all stores have the 30 day money back policy and price matching policies, but what does that have to do with customer services for an instrument problem.
Many retailers are now hiring in store employees for nominal services to close a sale or do a quick fix; however, most of these music store employees are not apprenticed technicians.
Some are store trained (limited) and others took a brief course from one of the luthier schools located around the country and earned a certificate that states they can setup a guitar, repair a jack, install a pickup and etc. However, that limited knowledge leaves much to be desired. Moreover, most of them are not certified by any manufacteurer.
In store guitar services will always be the short end of the stick for guitars, banjos, violins, quattros, double basses, mandolas', or any string instrument and their owners. Nothing compares to being an apprentice with a renowned luthier for a couple years if not a half dozen years.
The big box retailers discourage full professional services arguing that quick is good and letting some customers dictate services by complaining about time lines. Frankly, retailers could care less about how long a repair takes they would rather have sales as that's where the money's at.
If you love your instrument and want good services regardless of time then seek out an honest and tenured repairist or a lutheir and beware of: MUSIC STORE EMPLOYEE TECH(S)."