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We get many inquiries about warranty work on a new or recently purchased guitar. Some owners tell us they purchased extended warranty from music stores or that a stroe clerk worked on a guitar: Wow!
Well we thought a brief comment is in order. First, any new instrument is covered under warranty by the factory. Most factories cover instrument for 7 years. Some eliminate the electronics after the 1st year, but the remaining years are covered for defects, hardware (usually), and cosmetic issues.
The best warranty comes from Taylor guitars. Simply: Lifetime to the original owner. Life time meaning as long as you own the Taylor and no owner negligence caused a problem. Not bad!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile, music stores sell ($$$$$) extended warranty programs that are nothing more then pure profit for the store, not needed by a customer, and is a third party firm that functions like an insurance policy.
This means calling an "800" number, filing a claim for a repair or a service, and waiting for approval. If approval finally happens then they may send you a check for a repair (if covered so watch the fine print) and locating a quailified repair shop is the next step. Meanwhile, the instrument stays out of service or not working correctly.
Then there's the good samaritan music store associate who will try a fix. This is not recommended as unauthorized work on a guitar can VOID THE WARRANTY.
We have several stories about voided warranty(s) and damaged instruments coming from music stores and so called "tech" services.
So, have a problem? Call the factory for authorized repairs centers, check on the Internet, and save some money by declining music store extended warranty(s).