Guitar Center Lawsuit 2019

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Guitar Hospital sued the Delray Beach Guitar Center in 2019 for UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE
against the public at large for guitar repairs by untrained guitar repair technicians.
The Guitar Center in Delray began offering guitar rentals, music lessons,
and guitar repairs to help improve poor sales.
Further, Guitar Center claims the ability to offer
neck resets, fret jobs, electronics, and binding work etc short of building a guitar.
The problem is that Guitar Center tech's are uncertified, not factory trained, and never apprenticed.
Their knowledge comes from watching videos on "YOU TUBE" and over the counter books
of guitar repairs for dummies.
During the lawsuit Guitar Center admitted knowledge comes
from videos and if a repair is beyond their abilities they send the guitar to another
Guitar Center through what is called a "HUB." So a repair is outsourced without the
knowledge of a guitar owner.
Our shop, Guitar Hospital, does not outsource. All work is done by us as factory trained,
and four years of apprenticeship with Gibson's master luthier, sabatical at the original
Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo Michigan and training at the Taylor guitar factory in Calf.,
among other training classes since 1974.
Guitar Center's lawyer claimed that a lawsuit against guitar center would have to be
against all stores not just one location so we withdrew the lawsuit as the intent was
against the Delray store misleading the public. 
It would have to be a state attorney to investigate "unfair deceptive trade practice"
against the unknowing public that Guitar Center promotes luthier repairs by 
hourly wage employees nationally.
We agreed with our attorneys that taking on Guitar Center nationally is beyond
our scope as we are not the Messiah for the public-at-large. However, we did
make a stand, but most probably Guitar Center Delray and their other stores
will continue promoting repairs so owners will have to beware and take their
chances under the old adage: Caveat Emptor (buyer beware).