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One (but not all) of the most significant elements in repairing instruments that combines wood & metal (such as guitars) is the "weather."
The repair or restoration of wood (whether furniture or instrument) is significantly dependent on weather, that is, air quality, humidity, and temperature.
For the small shop environment compared to a factory environment there are differences and these differences can either expedite (or delay) instrument, or wood, repairs. Lets compare...........
First, there is nothing more impressive then a factory environment where a well-built factory controls its enviroment. One of the most -state of the arts- factory is the Taylor factory. Given the size of the Taylor factory that is similar to a community college hosting a half dozen plus large buildings control of the weather is 95% accomplished.
Humidity, dust control, temperatures, and air quality is all controlled differently in each building per what stage of construction or repair is in process. Here, an almost perfect environment is had, thus, work in progress is constant, productive, and completed within a scheduled time-line. Ahhhhh, a perfect world.
Conversely, however, the small shop repair environment is a different ball game. Simply, a shop location, its environment, and local weather will impact shop performance (productivity) because small shops do not have the resources of a factory. Missing are large buildings, humidity, dust, air, and temperature controls for each individual component of repairs or restorations.
Here in Florida (a tropical humid zone) unless a shop is enclosed in its own world creating its own environment its a victim of inclemate weather. When the weather is too hot, too humid, too wet, or windy the small shop is impacted.
For example, a sunny day with 90% humidity will hamper applications of color, nitrocellulous lacquer, and even hide glues used. Compressors (even with moisture traps) absorbs water despite being indoors with air conditioners and humidifiers and etc. There is no escape for the small shop in the tropic zone from tropical weather.
It can be stated that nationally, small shop locations impacts productivity because of weather conditions unless they are self enclosed and environmentally controlled like the Taylor, Martin, or Gibson factories.
Over the years, a review of some of the top independent luthiers who developed the best environments for building, production, and repairs have converted an old building, or a barn, into segments. That is, certain area of their shops generates certain work and an upper level (2nd floor) may be for color, re-finish, and etc. What is not escaped is their weather conditions. So even in a more advanced environment unless you are a college campus factory layout with millions of dollars invested in environmental control a small shop is weather driven.
For Guitar Hospital, we fall into the small shop environment that is consistently plaqued by South Florida weather. The result is delays in completing a repair or restoration. Simply, inclemate weather is one of the elements that slows down repairs.