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The reasons that a guitar neck or fret-board will warp is subject to the information in wood warping (see other links at articles) as defined by luthier Roger Siminoff (Siminoff, 2008).
If a guitar neck/fret-board is warped (or twisted) the fix is removal of all the frets then leveling the fret-board and re-fret. This is an expensive fix, time consuming, and 90% predictable. That is, probability of success is significant.
Sometimes, compensating the frets (i.e., fret dressing) may be a fix by offsetting the frets to negotiate a neck twist. If there is a significant warp in the neck the use of a neck heater may offer an improvement. Siminoff argues if a wood warp is significant then its not curable.
A warped neck is distinguished from a fingerboard or fingerboard issues such as fingerboard humps, rising, or lowering (see article on fingerboards and fret buzz).
Finally, replacing a warped neck is also an option.