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Dear Guitar Hospital Customers:
As posted recently, Guitar Hospital repairs & restorations and Guitar Center abruptly ended the parties contract on July 4, 2010.
As a result of Guitar Center abruptly ending our contract without reasonable notice for a smooth transition, or to complete repairs in progress, or to notify customers all repairs stopped on July 4th, 2010.
The store manager, Steve O'Connor, and regional sales manager, Vincent Del-Buono, mandated that customer repairs remain in posession and control of any and all repairs contracted with Guitar Hospital that processed through Guitar Center. Thus taking the independent position that customer repairs are under the jurisdication of Guitar Center.
Since July 4, 2010, Guitar Hospital has made a concerted effort to contact customers whose instruments are still in the possesion of Guitar Center and clarifying that an owner can claim their instrument from Guitar Center that is either unrepaired or in a state of repair, but unfinished.
Alternatively, owners can issue a written statement requesting that Guitar Hospital take posession and control of their instruments, or repairs, whether in progress or not commenced by using the contact us option on this web page, or by direct E-mail.
We deeply regret, and apologize, to everyone that this difficulty occurred that is out of our control. This is not how our Firm, Guitar Hospital, conducts business to the public-at-large.
Currently, we are in progress to re-open our shop as it existed prior to June 2004, in Delray Beach, FL. The projected occupancy of our new facility is scheduled approximately in July 2010. Upon occupancy, we will post the location with directions.
In close, we thank all our clients, past, present, and future, for your patience and understanding as we are making a concerted effort to normalize operations in trying to return to a "norm."
As of July 20, 2010: Guitar Center is to allowing some repairs to proceed on an one-on-one basis; however, no effort to contact owners occurred. Guitar Hospital is contacting any and all owners who's instrument transferred from Guitar Center to the Guitar Hospital Shop.