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Of the many re-strings we do for acoustic guitars here are some of the things we spot that poorly affects the guitar.
The wrong string guage is used (usually too heavy) or the guitar is not adjusted to handle heavy guage strings. Sometimes the strings are inserted wrong and the string pins are either the wrong size or do not fit properly.
When re-stringing an acoustic, make sure the ball end is facing the head-stock, that is, the end ball should not be side-ways in line with the bridge. The ball end should be vertical with the guitar.
Also, the string (once inserted) should be tight. If the ball end is not secure then body rattle or a buzz type noise will be heard.
If a correct size string pin is not fully seated then a slight spin of the channel in the pin will stop the string pin from popping up.
If the string pin is not fitting properly then have a qualified "tech" either correct (shave) the pin or adjust the bridge hole or replace the pins with the correct size.