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Guitar woods and drying methods is an article on this web page (see Guitar Woods Drying Methods); however, we thought it a good idea to add more scientific information as written by expert luthier: Roger Siminoff.
"Equilibrium Mosture Content (EMC) is the point where wood acclimates to its environment and is no longer in a state of swelling or shrinking from its conversion of its original green state. (Siminoff, 45).
Here Mr. Siminoff gets to the point in one sentence stating . . . that wood that is not prepared or ready to be made into an instrument (or any product) will suffer consequences. . . .
For guitars, moisture that dwells in wood after being cut to a guitar body or neck or finger-board will change. That is, wood will swell or shrink or twist, or warp and effect the sound, sustain, or playability of a guitar.
These are the many issues faced when purchasing a guitar in production work of today(s) guitar building.